Cleckner Rifle Co [N]itrogen Rifle

Cleckner Rifle Co [N]itrogen Rifle

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We're already up to a 7 month wait-list for these rifles.  Order now with coupon code "nitrogen" to drop your 50% deposit* and get in line.

The Cleckner [N]itrogen is the premier precision rifle available.  

If you want the best rifle you can get, this rifle is for you.  Every process and component that went into making this rifle is the most premium available/possible.

This rifle is not for everybody - that's ok.

Ryan Cleckner personally spends time on the range with your rifle to help "break the rifle in," make sure it is performing as well as it should, and, if you ordered a scope, to zero your scope for you (and collect DOPE if requested).  This means that your rifle will be "factory new," but our process involves shooting your rifle.

Rifle Includes:

  • Bolt-action rifle
  • Scope (if ordered)
  • Rings (if ordered)
  • Silencer (if ordered)
  • 3 Magazines
  • Custom hard case
  • Wilderness's Cleckner Cuff Sling
  • Hand-signed zero target (if scope ordered) or accuracy confirmation target


*Deposit is non-refundable.  Remainder of total due prior to shipment to your FFL.