Cleckner Rifles Bottom Metal

Cleckner Rifles Bottom Metal

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Detachable bottom metal for Rem 700 actions and clones.

Unique features:

  • Slightly flared magwell for easy loading
  • Works with AI mags, Magpul AC Mags, and AI mag clones
  • Push-button mag release in trigger guard = fast mag changes and protect from accidental release
  • Available with pre-load piston
  • Comes with pillars and action screws

Made in the USA!

Pre-load piston puts downward pressure on magazines to help with ejection and helps avoid annoying "magazine rattle."

Uses a slightly-modified Surgeon inlet (slightly larger than an M5) - Manners has inlet for preload piston available.

Bottom Metal: CNC 6061 Aluminum

Piston & Mag Release: CNC Steel

Pillars: CNC 6061 Aluminum

Action Bolts: Torx Head Hi-Strength Steel